If I tell you not to argue animal rights with me...

You should shut the FUCK up and listen to me.

A few days ago, I took to Twitter to remind the universe, as I usually do, that the slavery and killing of animals for the uses of cheap food is simply wrong. as far as I’m concerned. As a result, Internet “blogger”/troll Izzy Nobre was so offended at the fact that I don’t eat meat, that he took to his Twitter feed to cry and ask his followers to coddle his balls. Apparently coddling and gargling his balls is what they do best. This is someone who had been friendly to me on Twitter, and who I’d followed for quite some time. However, his bait-tweet of “WELL THEN, WHAT MEAT CAN I EAT??”, was met with one response from me:

I will not argue this with you. I kind of like you, and I’ll nuke you if we argue about this.

He refused to get it through his tiny little blogger skull, and proceeded to not only “take offense” to what I was saying, but also take each word personally. Now, he’s from Brazil, so perhaps there was a language barrier, but I’m more convinced it was simply his ineptitude and need for attention, as most trolls flourish on. His feelings on the matter seemed to be that it’s ok that animals are enslaved, because “That’s just how it is”. And, of course, never mind the fact that he used the common shitty reasoning that “Killing a plant is the same as killing an animal, so it doesn’t matter” – that’s when I knew this guy was a fucking moron.

I proceeded to nuke him to the ground, and then was forced to block him, as he took to his Twitter followers and apparently implored them to tweet pictures of bacon to me. This is the best you dumbasses got?

Let me explain something to you; you can eat anything you want, I am not telling you what to do – but if you insult what I do, or the fact that I choose to live a life in which I work to minimize how much I destroy the earth because I was put here by not eating animals and acting like an entitled piece of human shit, I will happily tell you to fuck yourself. The fact that you’re such a small person that your so-called sensibilities are offended because I told you that animals raised for food live in slavery, proves that you are a failure of a human and obviously a waste of space.

I will not explain myself to you, I will not compromise my views, and I am not wrong. Meat eating is destroying this planet. Enslaving an entire race for the use of food is wrong. If we didn’t raise animals on factory farms for their meat, we would have pushed entire swathes of the animal race into extinction by now. There is no way that what is currently considered “food production” can be considered sustainable.

100 years ago, you could never have eaten meat every single day for the cost that you can purchase it for now. $.99 for a 1/4 pounder? No. Do you know how and why that costs what it does? It’s because of slavery. Plain and simple. An entire race of creatures lives in slavery for their meat. They are raped, their children stolen from them, they are beaten, kept in cages, tortured, and killed. They never live a life. They are the receivers of all of man’s anger at the fact that he feels that he still needs to be a “caveman”, yet lives in an industrialized, modern world which he has no control over. They have no rights, no justice. They are commodities, mistreated so you can have a cheeseburger and never think about how you got your food. They are murdered so that you can continue your existence of playing video games and working a shit job because “That’s just what you do, now”. They receive no peace. They die in anguish, and you never have to see any of it, save for what’s on your plate.

You need to think about this.

This is wrong. If you believe this is ok, you are wrong.

So, Izzy Nobre, you were the one that goaded me with your tweet stating, “What meat CAN I eat?”. You were the one who egged me on after I told you I wouldn’t argue animal rights with you, because I liked you (kinda), and you were the one that thought the conversation was about you, because apparently you’re so special that every conversation would be about you? It wasn’t, you sad, tiny little man. The conversation was about the earth, and the creatures on it. You are a waste. You are a small, sad little man, and your slew of Twitter followers isn’t enough to make you a viable addition to the planet.

I will not relent, I will not stop, and I will not feel bad for my views. If you don’t like it, walk out the fucking door, and don’t talk to me. You’re part of the problem, and I have no interest in talking to you.

Today is my birthday, and also, livejournal return

Today is my birthday. If you want to get me a present, I invite you to do the following:

- My friend Dave Meyer is undergoing many surgeries due to illness at this time. He needs financial help. You can donate to helping him here: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/just-need-help-with-my-bills/236348/update/219339

- If you could donate just one dollar to a animal sanctuary or shelter, that would be great. Consider Animal Humane New Mexico, Trio Animal Foundation, Mercy For Animals, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, Defenders of Wildlife, or any other animal support and outreach program. Just one dollar! It can make a difference!

- This woman is working to build a no kill animal shelter and is raiising money: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-juliana-build-a-new-no-kill-animal-shelter

- Buy a CD from Tommy T Rapisardi and DSBP Records: http://www.DSBP.cx

- Be nice to yourself, and to others around you.

Thank you all!

Vertigo Venus Opening for THE QUEERS this saturday @ Launchpad - we have tickets for SALE!

Hi Everyone, 



This is going to be our last big show for the year.  We won a contest from Punknews.org to open for THE QUEERS, an iconic punk band that many will be familiar with.  We are selling tickets for Ten Dollars, and this is the only way we get paid, so please, if you want to go , buy your tickets from us! 

We will deliver your tickets to you! You can email us at vertigovenus at gmail dot com, or call us at 505-750-8365 (you can text us at this number, too).  Please consider coming our for our LAST big show!

This show is at LAUNCHPAD (618 Central Ave. SW), in Albuquerque, NM.  It is 21+, and doors are at 8pm.  WE GO ON AT 9PM, so please get there early! 

We will also have NEW MERCH for this show, including new shirts and patches!

For the Facebook event, see here: 


Thank you all! 




DJ set tomorrow for Vagrant Variety comedy/circus/burlesque

 Hey everyone,



Tomorrow I'll be DJing for this event, a great Vareity Show being put on by some of the members of Albuquerque's Burlesque Noir.  It'll be good fun!  If you're in the mood for some off the wall comedy, this is the place to be! I'll be dropping some DJ stylings, and making it a good time.  


The Facebook event is here: 



The show is November 12th at Low Spirits 2823 2nd St Albuquerque, NM 87107-1413. $10!!!!!!  


Here's a little video teaser from the Vagrant Variety Girls: 




I also did a remix recently, of Die Antwoord's "Wat Kyk Jy?".  You can hear it below.  Please share it with friends! Let's make this year go out with a bang! 




Die Antwoord - What Kyk Jy - PC computer remix by brian botkiller by brianbotkiller


Thanks as always for your support! Take care. 


-brian botkiller

My Cd release is tomorrow!



It's finally here.  "Welcome to Postwar USA" see the light of day tomorrow when I release it at Burt's Tiki Lounge (313 gold SE), with The booty green and my band, Vertigo Venus. 


the facebook event is here: 




I'm really excited about this, so I hope to see you out. 


Not in ABQ, and want the CD? Buy it from my online store.  These are limited to only 100 copies! Signed and numbered.  Buy yours here: 



Thank you, as always, for your support! 




white mapex drumkit for sale

 Hi all, I'm selling my white Mapex drumkit, it's a 5piece: 

- Never knew what model this was, just an average kit. I'm guessing poplar or birch on the wood, unsure on number of plies. Sizes are:

22x18 Kick
12x10 Rack tom
13x10 rack tom
16x17 floor tom

Snare is a Ludwig steel snare, 14x6 - the kind that most of us used in high school marching, comes with a hardshell case:

Toms are stem mount on the Kick drum.

No hardware, shell pack only. Kit is in pretty good shape, considering having been toured and gigged on heavily. Heads are in decent condition, mostly all Evans coated or hydraulic. Kick heads are an Aquarian super kick on the batter side and a Remo Emperor coated on the resonant side - no kick port. Rods and Lugs are all in good shape.

Asking $200 OBO.

email me, botkillerpromo at gmail dot com, if you're interested.  I won't be showing this at my studio, I'll meet you in a walmart lot or something, if you're interested. 

I also have a ddrum Ace steel 14x10 in. snare for sale, $100 OBO.  It's white, with a golf ball like shell, very poppy in sound.